Why are Locker Rooms so Important to the Leisure Industry

Why are Locker Rooms so Important to the Leisure Industry?.

Across the country, whenever you visit a leisure facility, locker rooms are the ever-present fixture of them all, to the point where we almost take them for granted. The truth is that locker rooms are an essential component of the leisure industry, but what makes them so important to this industry?

First impression

The locker room is one of the first areas that a customer will see and spend time in before entering a swimming pool, spa or sports facility. The experience they have in the changing rooms will, therefore, influence their opinion and enjoyment of the rest of the visit. As such, locker rooms must be well-designed, easy to use, and tailored to the needs of the client. For example, swimming baths might suit a more aquatic, efficient style of locker, with metal and tile materials being prominent. But if you own a spa or golf club, then you may wish to create a more luxurious look, perhaps choosing wooden lockers and warmer colours.


Most people attend leisure facilities with the aim to not only exercise, but to relax too, and this atmosphere should begin in the locker room. When people are changing for an exercise or relaxation session, they want to feel comfortable in their surroundings. This means that locker rooms should be designed with comfort and amenity in mind, as well as functionality. Installing benches and artwork or providing towels is a nice touch, in addition to ensuring that the installed lockers suit the need and character of the venue, to offer ease of use for the customer.


This is a paramount feature of locker rooms, and arguably the primary reason for their existence. Customers will not risk visiting a leisure facility if they are not convinced that there will be decent levels of security in place. There are many types of locker system available, all with their own pros and cons, but the intention with all systems is to provide exceptional protection for customers’ belongings.


A locker room isn’t just a place for a quick change; often it’s the hub of sociability, and is a laid-back space to chat to friends and team-mates. Many members of sports teams will testify to the importance of locker rooms for their team morale and cohesion; these rooms are a place where strategies are discussed, pep-talks are given, and team members unwind after practice. And in places like spas and golf clubs, where sociability is the heart of the venue, a locker room cannot be undervalued in its ability to stimulate conversation and camaraderie.

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